Homan History



The buildings pictured here show the history of Homan School.  Students have attended school at the Joliet Street site since 1869. The school was altered or remodeled in 1940, 1950, 1969, 1980 and 1991.

In 1866, there were 77 pupils enrolled in Schererville. The original Township School before 1940 had 3 teachers. Miss Cullen taught grades 1-3, Miss Davis taught grades 4-6, and Miss Lawler taught 7-8. Teachers were not allowed to be married, and they made $160 per month. The building pictured here had 4 rooms. This "new building", furnished in 1941, contained classrooms, two rest rooms, a principal’s office, library corridor and boiler room, In 1943, Schererville started hiring married teachers. By the fall of 1948, the school was again filled to capacity and enrollment continued to increase. To alleviate the crowded conditions, and to provide a community meeting place and facilities for athletic activities, plans were made to build a gymnasium area to the north side of the building. In addition to the gym, the completed addition included a large meeting room, kitchen, rest rooms, lobby, ticket office and cloak room. This addition was completed in 1950. Almost from their completion, the kitchen and meeting room were used as classrooms and, for awhile, classes were held in the gym.

Enrollment continued to increase. In 1954, a contract was signed to build an addition to each end of the original school. This addition provided two large classrooms and an extension to the library and the office. Every available spot was being used for classrooms, and by 1957 more space was needed. This addition included two classrooms, two rest rooms, nurse’s office, teachers’ lounge, book-storage room, men’s lounge and a stage with a dressing room under the east end of the gym. From the first use of the addition the book room was used as a classroom, the men’s lounge as a combined teachers’ workroom and nurse’s room and the room under the stage became the boys’ shop. The nurse’s room was used as an office.

In 1960, the school board adopted a resolution that the Schererville School be named Homan School for its oldest member, Joe Homan. On May 16, 1958, the school was issued a certificate of First Class Commission by the State of Indiana. In 1966, Schererville was still a small town. It was very rural community with a population of just over 3,000.

The capacity of Homan School in 1990 was approximately 300 students. Today Homan School has an enrollment of 611 students and 58 staff members. Homan has gone from 3 teachers, to 32 certified teachers. The school today is modern, well-equipped , and technologically advanced. The students of today are very different from students of the past. The students of today are brought to school in motorized school buses, are immersed in literature-rich environment, and are expected to master a great deal of ever-changing information.  Homan is one of six elementary schools in our corporation.  Students from the elementary schools merge into two middle schools and then into one high school. The future will most likely hold as many positive changes as the past years have showered on Homan School.

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